Puff 3D Embroidery

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What is puff embroidery?
Puff embroidery, also called 3D embroidery, is an effect achieved by placing a piece of foam on a garment as it is being embroidered. When everything is done correctly the foam remains expanded under the stitching, which creates a 3D, raised, or tactile effect to the embroidered design.

Puff 3D Embroidery

While traditional embroidery can have very intricate designs with lots of colors and different stitches, puff embroidery designs are much simpler. For puff embroidery, the only stitch you can use in the design is a satin stitch. This ensures full coverage of the foam and a clean look.

How is a puff foam / 3D embroidery design created?
  1. Sew all your flat embroidery first.
  2. Create a stop in the machine after your last flat piece.
  3. Place puff over area you want it sewn and restart the machine.
  4. Sew a border around your puff area.
  5. Remove excess puff material.
  6. Finish design and clean up excess puff foam material.

Puff 3D Embroidery Pricing

To start we must digitize your logo for embroidery. Not All Logos are a good match for puff embroidery. Puff 3D digitizing has extra steps involved with selecting what parts of your logo qualify for 3D as well as selecting and lengthening the satin stitches used in this process. Digitizing for 3D PuffEmbroidery on average costs double the normal setup charge for embroidery.

For every piece that is embroidered with the Puff – 3D effect you can add an additional $3.50 per item.