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Signs are perfect for your long-term outdoor or indoor signage needs. Guaranteed to withstand external elements, our custom metal signs are made from materials that are resistant to both rust and weather.

Custom signs can be used in different situations. If you are a property owner, building administrator, or business owner, aluminum signs are essential for their functional and promotional capabilities. Aluminum sign printing is often used to keep busy, public locations organized by conveying directions and important information. Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar businesses use this type of sign to attract and call the attention of passersby.

Signs For Any Application

Aluminum signs are highly versatile, that is why you can’t walk a few steps outside without spotting one.

Aluminum is our standard material for signs. It has a weather-proof and rust-resistant semi-gloss finish.

Reflective Aluminum is highly visible even at night because the graphic is printed on reflective vinyl. This option is ideal for roadside and parking signs that convey important messages at any time.

3/16” Corrugated Plastic is a lightweight yet durable choice for both indoor and outdoor signs. It is waterproof and ideal for short-term signage.

Most Common 4x8 Signs

Alupanel is a rigid and low-cost material, that consists of a hard plastic core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets. It is easy to work with and it provides a very long outdoor life. Alupanel signs are a good choice for exhibition booths, store displays, and outdoor information signs. It is much lighter and cheaper than core aluminum or any other metal sheet. It could come in different colours and finishes. The full sheet size is 4×8 feet. From there we could cut it to any size. We definitely recommend lamination to extend the lifespan of bright and vivid colours.

A lightweight and affordable option in the promotional sign business. It is sturdy enough for short-term outdoor signage. Coroplast signs are widely used as real estate signs, election signs, trade lawn signs, business signs, sales, specials, openings, closings, and announcements. They come in the following thicknesses: 4 ml, 6 ml, 8 ml, and 10 ml. They can be single-sided as well as double-sided. They could be full colour, one colour or two colours.

Foamcore, also known as foam board is a foamy material sandwiched by two sheets of coated paper to provide a smooth and durable surface. It is preferred for its light weight.
The full sheet size is 4×8 feet. From there we could cut it to any size. Lamination options: Matte, Glossy or Dry Erase. PVC BOARDS
Sintra is a leading brand in PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) sector. It is a low cost, soft and smooth, semi matte material.

If you are looking for something for indoor and better than coroplast, sintra is your answer.
It comes in different colours. However, white sintra is used for full colour printing.
Thicknesses are: 1 ml, 3 ml, 4 ml, 6 ml, 8 ml. etc.
The full sheet size is 4×8 feet.
Lamination options: Matte, Glossy or Dry Erase