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    What is DTF printing?

    DTF is short for Direct To Film. Rather than applying artwork directly to a garment with vinyl, sublimation, DTG printing, or Screenprinting, the artwork is applied and cured to a special film to create a beautiful DTF transfer.  The film used for DTF transfers can be stored with the artwork/graphics on it, which makes on-demand DTF prints on garments affordable, quick, and easy. When a garment is selected to have the artwork applied, the DTF prints can be placed in position and pressed for 10 seconds with heat and transferred to the garment where it remains with excellent durability.  Excellent results every time!

    DTF printing is long-lasting, stretchable, and durable and can last as long as traditional silkscreen printing. DTF transfers can be applied to almost any fabric as well as glass, metal, wood, and more. This flexibility makes DTF the new gold standard in apparel design and quickly rewriting the rulebook for the industry!


    What does DTF offer that DTG doesn’t, or why choose DTF over DTG?

    Starting off with the difference between DTF and DTG. DTF stands for “Direct To Film” meaning the printer heads print upon a film sheet/paper, while DTG stands for “Direct to Garment” meaning the printer prints on a Garment (T-shirt). On a scale, DTF and DTG don’t have much difference when it comes to buying and operating them. On the production side though DTF printers on average offer about 400% faster production, sometimes more depending upon the designs being printed, regardless to say DTF also requires fewer personnel to operate compared to DTG. Moreover, DTF has only 2 procedures: printing the designs and then heat pressing on Garment. On the other hand, DTG requires pre-treatment, heat pressing, printing on the garment, and lastly heat pressing again.

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